Unveiling the New Year


Happy New Moon and New Year to all of our dear friends and collaborators on this wellness path!

We want to officially welcome and call in this time with you, as we are feeling the momentum of many bright days unfolding! It’s a wonderful time to look ahead to all the light that is coming, and an equally exciting time to sit back with gratitude and appreciation for the gentle wisdom of the dark days we are leaving behind.

It also feels like a time to consider the work that is yet to be done, and investigate how we can be of greater service to ourselves, our families, our inner circles, and our greater communities.

Here at Flower and Frequency headquarters, we believe we have much to be grateful for, and much work to do. Our hearts and heads are buzzy with the anticipation of many herbal and sound meditation offerings we are gearing up to release, and we are counting our blessings as we enter this new-year in health and vibrant partnership.

An important part of our process is ritual. Whether we are making our herbal medicine, creating plant generated music for our sound meditations, or collecting brain wave data from our polyharmonic entrainment sessions, we believe in the sacred process of creating ritual, and honoring the magic that lies within intention, action, and the human desire for authentic connection.

We are therefore thrilled to begin the ritual of this monthly, new moon newsletter that will keep us connected, and keep you up to date on all of Flower and Frequency's upcoming products and events! It will also be a place to find recipes, plant monographs, ideas for integrating herbs into your kitchen and everyday routine, as well as all things involving sound, meditation, and ideas to bring the medicine of music, plants, and frequencies into your self care practice.

We are also excited to offer our email subscribers an opportunity each month to download a custom meditation track!

Beginning in February, we will offer this download for $1.99 per song, or $20 for a yearly subscription, but for our inaugural newsletter, it's free!!!

We are envisioning you cozying up with a cup of herbal tea (try lemon balm and rose with a healthy scoop of honey!) then laying down with headphones on, thirty minutes before bed, and giving yourself the gift of deep relaxation.

tea ff.jpg

You can also enjoy the stress relieving benefits and experience our plant generated music in person, by joining us at one (or four!) of our upcoming Sound Paths in San Francisco:

Monday - 1/21/19 - Anchor Meditation - 8pm - 2118 Union St, SF

Tuesday - 1/22/19 - Anchor Meditation - 8pm - 2118 Union St, SF

Sunday - 1/27/19 - Passion Project SF - 5:30pm - 3435 Cesar Chavez, Studio 204, SF

Tuesday - 1/29/19 - Anchor Meditation - 8pm - 2118 Union St, SF

Photo by Jess McElhattan

Photo by Jess McElhattan

We look forward to treating you to a truly relaxing evening!

May this new moon bring you restored dedication to your own healing rituals! We are walking beside you on this healing path, delighted by your curiosity and investment in reaching your health and wellness goals!

With Much Love,

Nora and Josh