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'Brainwave Curious?' at Anchor Meditation

The human brain is a symphony of frequencies which we can now easily observe with the help of EEG technology. Each brainwave state profoundly shapes how we experience our own unique perspective and also contributes to how bodily functions, like sleep and mood, are regulated. Research suggests that neurofeedback rapidly improves meditation practices and strengthens healthy neural pathways with many long term health benefits. Learning to control the rhythms of our own body will help us navigate through this hectic world better and teach us to relieve stress on demand. 

We’ll experience EEG technology firsthand, generate ambient music by monitoring our own brainwaves, and learn all about simple methods to stimulate meditative states by way of resonance and entrainment. Get ready for an exciting musical adventure where we learn all about the human brain and the science that lies behind music and meditation. 

6:15pm on Tuesday nights at Anchor Meditation Studio, SF

Earlier Event: September 17
'Brainwave Curious?' at Anchor Meditation
Later Event: October 15
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