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Initial Herbal Consultation

An initial herbal consultation is the first step to empowerment on your herbal healing journey.  During this two hour consultation, we will discuss your current mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being, as well as your medical history and current wellness goals. 

This will be a gentle, relaxed conversation over a cup of tea that gathers clinical information about your body's unique constitution, as well as general information about your diet, your social and family history, and anything else you wish to discuss, in order to develop a compassionate, holistic plan of care for your acute or chronic imbalance.  

Once we have finished our consultation, I will formulate a personalized herbal formula for you that addresses your imbalances and supports your wellness goals.

This will typically be in the form of a 2-ounce tincture, but I may also recommend teas, salves, oils, and flower essences.

The plants chosen for your formula will align directly with your unique energetics, and support the healing of both your physical and spiritual bodies.

In addition to your tincture, I will also provide a detailed plan of care that includes diet, lifestyle, and ritual suggestions all meant to help you break unhealthy patterns and restore healthy balance to your everyday routines. 

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Follow up visit

All appointments made after our initial consultation are follow up visits. These are typically scheduled every 2-8 weeks depending on your specific needs.  We will use these visits to re-investigate the imbalances you are experiencing, and fine tune any formulas you are taking. This will also be a time for you to share any new life circumstances or patterning we have not previously discussed, as well as new wellness goals that have developed.

After all follow up visits you will receive a new formula and new detailed plan of care.

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We are happy to offer a sliding scale for both of our Initial and Follow Up Appointments.

Initial Herbal Consultation

2 hours


Follow Up Visit

1 hour


*Rates include your consultation and a detailed plan of care

*Your herbal formula will be an additional charge:

Tincture = $12/ounce

Teas= $6/ounce

Oils= $12/ounce

Salves= $10/ounce

*We are currently only available to offer herbal consultations and follow up visits to folks living in the San Francisco Bay Area


I am not medical doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe. I am a certified herbalist, here to offer accountability and support as you reach for balance and optimal health of your mind, body, and spirit.