Who is this tutorial meant for?

Sound enthusiasts, producers, composers, songwriters, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, therapists, brainwave enthusiasts, and massage therapists who would like to learn more about how sound pulses can shape our consciousness and coherence for the better.

Fine Tuning Isochronic tones

We take our Brainwave Entrainment workshop two steps further with our BWE 301 tutorial.

We’ll cover how to mathematically tune our entrainment track to a specific musical key for blending in better with musical compositions.

We’ll also learn to fine tune our BPM (Beats Per Minute) to match our Isochronic Track for even more precision.

If you are wanting to learn more about the creation of brainwave entrainment and sound meditations, this is the right tutorial series for you.

Cost: $50

Tutorial includes an Excel Spreadsheet for quick calculations of Isochronic frequencies and guidance from Joshua W Bruner.