Plant Paths

Gateways To Wellness Through The Healing Powers Of Plants


Meet our herbalist

Nora was introduced to the world of herbal medicine through the teachings of many wise, wild women she has been lucky enough to call sisters and friends. She has deepened her herbal education and practice by becoming a Certified Western Herbalist and practicing Clinician at the Ohlone Herbal Center.

Nora's background is in poetry, learning how to cultivate deep self-care rituals, and opening her heart to the healing journey as it unfolds. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry from California College of the Arts, and an undergraduate degree in Writing and Women's Studies. She is very excited about the intersections of sound, poetry, and plant medicine, and especially loves infusing herbal medicine with isochronic frequencies, and experimenting with plant meditations and plant generated music.

Nora's style is warm, intuitive, and collaborative. She will empower you to reach for lifestyle choices that resonate with your brightest, truest, most authentic self, and she will chose herbs that interface directly with both your physical and spiritual bodies. As a community herbalist, Nora strives to make herbal medicine affordable and available for everyone, and is especially passionate about serving communities struggling with addiction, childhood trauma, domestic trauma, individuals looking to manage stress and anxiety, and individuals awakening to their true power and potential for wellness. Her goal is to offer compassion and support as you transition into more vibrant, empowered, balanced, and nourished versions of yourself. 

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Why herbal Medicine

Bringing the medicine of plants into your life is a radical act. By choosing plant medicine, you are choosing to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. You are choosing health care that is inclusive, collaborative, and holistic. You are developing self-care practices that not only treat symptoms of dis-ease, but address the underline causes of imbalance. Plant medicine is the medicine of our ancestors, and the medicine of this earth. Bringing herbal medicine into your life is a way of reconnecting to the resilience and vitality of your own innate healing system. Our bodies, mind, and spirit thrive when all our systems are balanced and functioning optimally. Herbal medicine helps us get there.

Specifically, herbal medicine can be used for a variety of dis-ease and imbalances including:

  •  ·      Anxiety

  • ·      Depression

  • ·      Stress

  • ·      Insomnia

  • ·      Migraines

  • ·      Sexual/Reproductive Health

  • ·      Emotional Trauma

  • ·      Hormone Balancing

  • ·      High Cholesterol

  • High Blood Pressure

  • ·      Cardiovascular Issues

  • ·      Colds and Flu

  • ·      Respiratory Issues

  • ·      Acne

  • ·      Allergies

  • ·      Arthritis

  • ·      Auto-Immune Issues

  • ·      Digestive Issues

   *and much, much more


Why we vibrate our medicine

We vibrate each formula we make to 7.83hz entrainment pulse with a carrier frequency of 40hz.

This is considered to be a Schumann resonance, which is a very low frequency that occurs after a lightning burst.

In the words of NASA:

At any given moment about 2,000 thunderstorms roll over Earth, producing some 50 flashes of lightning every second. Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around Earth. Some of the waves - if they have just the right wavelength - combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance.

We decided to infuse this vibration into each bottle of herbal medicine we make for an added wellness wish from us, and from the universe. We believe in the powers and integration of sound and plant medicine fully, and this vibration ritual is our way of setting a powerful intention for profound, full body and spirit healing.