Drift into a deeper state of mind with music made from the energy frequencies found in our leafy friends

How do plants make music exactly?

Great question! With technology very similar to a human lie detector test we can translate and record the electrical variations within plant-life into the musical language of MIDI. Once the biodata is streaming into the computer we can arrange and compose its electrical data into a beautifully meditative soundscape for you to drift with. Plants are full of surprises and it’s a true honor to get to collaborate with so many leafy friends in the studio.

What to expect in a private session

Private sessions are held in The Portal at Anchor Meditation Studio, SF. We’ll make sure that you’re very comfortable and that the environment suites your preferences. You can bring in any meditative techniques you wish and I’ll offer some suggestions as well, or you can choose to freestyle it. Once you’re relaxed I’ll leave the room and you can begin listening intently to the plant performing a symphony of harmonies for you. You can even touch it gently and mingle your own electrical field into the plant’s making it a very unique collaboration! After 35 minutes you’ll begin to hear birds chirping signaling you to come back into the space and ground back into your body. Binaural, Monaural and Isochronic Tones are also available to embed into the experience if you desire to visit a specific brainwave state, like Theta or Alpha. We can even record the song and provide you with a downloadable MP3 or WAV file. You’ll leave feeling extremely mellow and should expect a really good night’s rest as well. Your parasympathetic nervous system will be forever grateful for spending this relaxing time with plants and music.

I’d love to hear my own plants sing. Can you do house calls or events?

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’d like to arrange a house call or plan an event around plant music we’d love to make that happen for you. Please reach out in an email with what your ideas are and what your ideal budget is so that we can work something very special out for you and your leafy buddies.