Meditation is a natural thing, why introduce technology?

Honestly, we’re not trying to create a world where we’re reliant on technology to meditate. Instead, we view this advancement in wellness technology as a powerful tool which a person can choose to implement from time to time when they’d like to deepen or accelerate their meditation practice. A beginner can enter meditative states with more ease when using neurofeedback and a seasoned mediator will surely begin exploring new and exciting spaces within their own continued practice. Once significant gains have been noticed after several sessions you will more than likely feel compelled to meditate without any technology and quieting your mind will become much easier as you maintain a steady and enthusiastic practice.

 Who should try neurofeedback meditation?

Everyone should practice with neurofeedback a few times in their life. It appears clear from extensive research that as humans become more familiar with the energy fields created in our brain, we encourage our mind to tune itself into a more harmonious state filled with an abundance of health benefits. Our Neurofeedback Meditation is a cutting edge technique for reaching new levels of stress relief and rewards the presence of Alpha brainwaves by triggering harmonic ambient music generated from with comfortable MUSE EEG headset worn over your brow. Neurofeedback is kind of like holding a mirror up for the mind to groom itself. This advanced technique helps to strengthen our neural coherence and supports the wellbeing of our parasympathetic nervous system. A broad range of impressive benefits have been observed in numerous scientific studies which indicate that Neurofeedback and Brainwave Entrainment are among the most promising forms of drug free treatment available for addiction issues, ADHD, ADD, autism, depression, sleep disorders, as well as improving the focus of the more neurotypical of minds.

What should I expect in a session?

Private sessions are held in The Portal at Anchor Meditation Studio, SF. We’ll make sure you’re very comfortable before the meditation begins. I’ll help you put on the easy to use Muse EEG headband and make some suggestions for how to create the most musical notes, aka, creating relaxing Alpha brainwaves. Once you’re all settled in and the music is playing I’ll leave the room for 35 minutes. You’ll hear birds chirping at the end of the session to help ground you back into your body and the space. After the session you should expect to feel very mellow and receive a good night’s rest. We’ll send you an MP3 or WAV file of the song you created with you mind that you can practice meditating with for the rest of your life!