Click here to buy the full digital album for $16.99

Click here to buy the full digital album for $16.99

3+ hours of deeply relaxing meditative music covering a full spectrum of our brainwave states. 
No gurus. No guides. No dogma.

Music + mind. 

Best Practices:

- Arrange yourself into a comfortable position of your choosing. 
- Over-the-ear headphones are recommended for the best experience but earbuds or speakers work well too. 
- Before the meditation begins we encourage you to take several deep and slow breaths. 
- Inhale fully through the nose to provide the brain with lots of oxygen and exhale fully through your mouth with a slow audible deep humming or sigh as often as you can during the first 5-10 minutes of your meditation. 

These tracks are intended for meditation purposes only and contain polyharmonic isochronic entrainment techniques.