Joshua inadvertently stumbled upon meditation through his deep curiosities of music. Realizing how powerful his experiences were, he set out on a path to share the relaxing power of sound with others. With over 20 years exploring many genres of music, as well as touring throughout a dozen countries, Joshua has fully turned his love of making music towards meditation and relaxation purposes.

Drawing encouragement from musical inspirations such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Joanna Brouk, Laraaji, Brian Wilson, Klaus Wiese, and Roedelius; Joshua creates his own brand of ambient soundscapes by taking advantage of scientific research in sound and advancements in musical tech to help reliably reduce stress levels & deepen meditation practices. Joshua is fascinated with creating neuro-generative music with quintephonic instruments. Joshua currently teaches ‘Sound Paths’ at Anchor Meditation in San Francisco where he also provides private neurofeedback sound meditations for those wanting to explore their natural brainwave states, gaining a clear understanding of their mind and body through sound.